New London Barrier - New London, CT

PROJECT PERSONNEL: Owned and Operated by the City of New London, CT (860) 447-5250
PROJECT PURPOSE: Hurricane Flood Protection
LOCATION: Project is located in Shaws Cove/New London Harbor, in the city of New London, New London County, Connecticut
PROTECTED AREA: Provides protection from high tides caused by coastal storms and hurricanes as well as from interior flooding caused by overbank flows from Truman Brook to all areas of the Shaws Avenue Urban Development area.
Design Summary: New London barrier was designed for a 100-year stillwater elevation of 10.5 Ft-NGVD. This level is equivalent to a surge of 8.6 ft coincident with a mean spring high water tide of 1.9 Ft-NGVD. Maximum wave runup is approximately 4 ft resulting in a top elevation of the barrier to be 14.5 Ft-NGVD. The pumping station, gravity conduit, and pressure conduit, were designed for a 10-year, 100-year and 100-year runoff, respectively.
TOTAL COST: $11,500,000 PLACED IN OPERATION: January 1985
Highest Ocean Levels of Record Since Project
Start of Damage = 4.0 Ft-NGVD

Date Elev
09/85 6.0 - Hurricane "Gloria"
01/87 5.5 - Coastal Storm

Date Elev
09/38 9.7 - Hurricane
08/54 8.9 - Hurricane "Carol"
09/44 6.2 - Hurricane