Minnewawa Brook @ Marlborough, Nh
Station GOES ID: 300434064938150
Self Timed GOES Channel:
Self Timed Transmission Interval: 1 hour(s)
Self Timed Transmission baud Rate:
Self Timed Transmission Window:
Self Timed Window Length: seconds
Random GOES Channel:
Random Transmission Interval:
Random Transmission Baud Rate:

Minnewawa Brook @ Marlborough, Nh
Local Receive Time
Transmit Time
Failure Codes Flags Channel Battery Message Length     Message Data
Failure Code Legend
?DCP Message with Parity Error
ADCP message contained a correctable address error
BDCP message contained a bad (unknown) address
DDCP message was duptrcated (i.e. received on mtabletiple channels)
IDCP message had an invatrd address
MThe DCP message for the referenced platform was missing (not received in its proper time strce)
NThe referenced platform has a non-complete entry in the DAPS Platform Description Table (PDT)
QDCP message had bad quatrty measurements
TDCP message was received outside its proper time strce (early/late)
UDCP message was unexpected
WDCP message was received on the wrong channel
CExcessive carrier before start of message
SLow signal strength
FExcessive frequency offset
XBad modtableation index
VLow battery voltage